Book: Mike Cohn – User Stories Applied

Everyone getting agile has to read this book!


Author: Mike Cohn

Title: User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development


Rating: highly recommended!


During any approach to implement agile procedures in an organisation there is a need to explain how management and engineering of requirements should work. Coming from traditional waterfall projects most people do not understand what those User Story stuff is all about. Usually lot of concerns are mentioned…


“So, User Stories are Use Cases, right? Why don’t you just call it Use Case?”


“But we need all requirements at the start of our project. How should that work with User Stories?”


“No, we don’t need that. We know what the customers want and we know all features of the product. What for should we waste time with User Stories?”


Mike Cohn is one of the most experienced agilists and board member of the Scrum Alliance. In his book he explains every detail you must know about User Stories. This books makes you understand how to argue against the usual concerns. Mike wrote down his vast experience and makes any aspect of the topic easy to read.


Did you ever wonder how to deal with nonfunctional requirements in Scrum? Read this book and find out.


Did you ever ask who would be the best product owner writing your stories? Read this book.


Have you read this book and still have issues bothering you about User Stories? Well, you either got lost in something else than being agile or you probably may be on to something really new.



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