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Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure

As Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches we have the daily challenge to reflect our own behavior and to identify what we should do differently. The Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure gives guidance to self-reflection and identification of goals, possibilities and actionable next steps. Based on the structure used in solution-focused coaching, we begin with a concrete observation in the team and our own coaching. At first, we formulate this observation in a completely neutral and value-free way. It helps to find what we would like to see in the future, or… Read more Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure

Book: Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating and Planning

Everyone getting agile has to read this book!   Author: Mike Cohn Title: Agile Estimating and Planning   Rating: highly recommended!   This book is just a must have and a must read! Mike Cohn describes all important aspects and concepts of estimating and planning in an agile approach. Lots of real-world examples show how to apply these concepts.   Note that this book is NOT about traditional estimating and planning for agile projects. It is about *agile estimating and planning* and this is what agile projects need to succeed.… Read more Book: Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating and Planning

Generalize Your Specialized Generalists

The software developers in a well-known Scrum team have undergone a transition from generalists to specialists in former times. They have been responsible for no specific parts of the software system. Every developer was assigned to the next high priority tasks regardless of knowledge and experience. Combined with classical waterfall project management, solo programming, missing code reviews, and missing unit testing, the resulting quality of the system was extremely low. There was a vast lack of knowledge of the old legacy code the team was working with. To compensate that knowledge… Read more Generalize Your Specialized Generalists

Drive-Driven Personality

There was heavy „agile fun“ in the last months with all the agilists working close with me. We made lots of wordy jokes like „the goal is the goal“, „the way is the way“ which became things like „way-driven driving“ and nonsense like that. Thinking of all these things all the time made me come to the conclusion of a quite meaningful term I’m going to explain: the Drive-Driven Personality.   „Say what? Drive-driven personality? Yup, right, c’mon, go away and never come back!“   No, really and seriously. It’s… Read more Drive-Driven Personality

Book: Mike Cohn – User Stories Applied

Everyone getting agile has to read this book!   Author: Mike Cohn Title: User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development   Rating: highly recommended!   During any approach to implement agile procedures in an organisation there is a need to explain how management and engineering of requirements should work. Coming from traditional waterfall projects most people do not understand what those User Story stuff is all about. Usually lot of concerns are mentioned…   „So, User Stories are Use Cases, right? Why don’t you just call it Use Case?“  … Read more Book: Mike Cohn – User Stories Applied

Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change

Situation   Many organizations do not dare to change themselves although everyone knows that things do not work well. Usually real working employees have a good feeling that things are going wrong. Unfortunately they do not have the power to trigger change but expect middle management to do so. Usually top management expects everyone to do the best job and will ask questions to middle management if things go wrong. Therefor middle management is sandwiched with expectations – this is a hard job to handle and needs explicit skills.   People… Read more Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change