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Why does Scrum feel so good?

Everyone likes the feeling of having success. And nothing is more depressing than a consistently growing bad feeling that something is not right or heading in the wrong direction. Typical example of such bad feelings: hearing or reading for the 5th time „it’s 90% finished“. So what is the great mood enlarger in agile, iterative methods like Scrum? Simply its transparent progress of small and visible results! And this is not only for product owners to quickly see what they expected but also for the development team to quickly get positive… Read more Why does Scrum feel so good?

Daily Video Scrum

Implementing agile methods like Scrum relies on broad communication. With a distributed team there’s a need for much more heavy communication. Unfortunately the distributedness of a team complicates easy communication. In most cases the common ways to send and receive information is one-to-one/many by email: the most anonymous distributed communication from one person to a group of people. Advantage: ability to spread complete and detailed information. Disadvantage: uncertainty of the message being read and understood. one-to-one by phone: the most direct distributed communication between two persons. Advantage: direct feedback is… Read more Daily Video Scrum

Focus on the Essence

Why am I starting to write the first post of my own blog? What do I expect? What do readers expect from my blog? And who has answers to all that questions? I just asked myself how many time one has to spend to be updated with all news from Facebook friends, Twitter followings, Xing and linkedin contacts, and all other interesting information sources. Summed up I have 315 direct social networking contacts, am subscribed to 30 interest groups, am member of 4 organizations, associations, or institutes, and have been… Read more Focus on the Essence