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  • Buch: Tobias Mayer – The People’s Scrum

    Buch: Tobias Mayer – The People’s Scrum

    Autoren: Tobias Mayer, Olaf Lewitz, Urs Reupke, Sandra Reupke-Sieroux Titel: The People’s Scrum: Revolutionäre Ideen für den agilen Wandel Tiefgründig, philosophisch und immer auf die agilen Prinzipien zurückführend. Lesenswert und sehr erkenntnisreich, dass wir heute noch immer die gleichen, wesentlichen Verhaltensweisen, Dysfunktionen und Herausforderungen beobachten, die in Organisationen gelebt werden. In 35 Essays aus den […]

  • ACCDE19 Survey: The One Book

    This year’s Agile Coach Camp 2019 Germany was the 10th time we gathered in beautiful Seminarzentrum Rückersbach to have 3 days of exhausting, inspiring, and connecting Open Space. At the very first coach camp in 2010 I started to do a spontaneous survey with one simple question: “Which ONE book should I read?” This year […]

  • Buch: An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide

    Dieses Buch ist ein absolutes Must-Read für jeden Agilen Praktiker, der sich mit Veränderungsprozessen in Unternehmen beschäftigen muss. Titel: An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival GuideAutor: Michael SahotaURL: Empfehlung: sehr lesenswert Michael Sahota vermittelt in diesem Buch auf gut 60 Seiten die Grundlagen von Unternehmenskulturen anhand des Schneider-Modells und zeigt auf, wo sich in diesem […]

  • Book: Lyssa Adkins – Coaching Agile Teams

    The definitive must-read for every Scrum Master, agile manager, and agile coach! Author: Lyssa Adkins Title: Coaching Agile Teams Rating: highest recommendation! This is one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read in my agile life. More than 300 pages full of practical advice with many examples make this book a perfect reference on the […]

  • Book: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    The definitive must-read for everyone having anything to do with teams! Author: Patrick Lencioni Title: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Rating: highest recommendation! Have you ever wondered why weekly team meetings become meaningless rituals without any results? Have you ever had the feeling that important topics were not discussed and severe conflicts not surfaced? This […]

  • Book: Fearless Change

    If you need to get some activities to drive change, read this book. Authors: Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising Title: Fearless Change Rating: recommended You work as a change agent? You have a new idea for your organization and want to change processes and interactions? This book may be helpful as it presents 48 patterns for […]

  • Book: Harrison Owen – Wave Rider

    Everyone dealing with self-organizing teams should read this book! Authors: Harrison Owen Title: Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World Rating: highly recommended Have you ever wondered why in a well-defined organization there are always a few “key” people who know how things really do work? Have you ever thought about how to […]

  • Book: Henrik Kniberg – Scrum and XP from the Trenches: How We Do Scrum

    This is the must-read book for any new agile team member! Author: Henrik Kniberg Title: Scrum and XP from the Trenches: How We Do Scrum Rating: highly recommended! Are you dealing with new agile team members from time to time? Do you have to train and explain agile to developers, testers, managers? Do you […]

  • Book: Rachel Davies – Agile Coaching

    Everyone supporting agile teams has to read this book! Authors: Rachel Davies, Liz Sedley Title: Agile Coaching Rating: highly recommended! More and more developers and project managers suddenly have to take over the role of ScrumMaster these days. All our agile frameworks and methodologies are easy to learn and understand so people become facilitators, supporters, and […]

  • ACCDE10 Survey: The One Book

    During the last few hours of the Agile Coach Camp 2010 in Germany I started to do a spontaneous survey with one simple question: “Which ONE book should I read?” People’s reactions were quite different. Some mentioned a book within a few seconds, others needed time to think of the most recommendable book. The question […]

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