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  • Book: Taiichi Ohno – Toyota Production System

    Everyone interested in historic basics of Scrum and other agile approaches should read this book. Author: Taiichi Ohno Title: Toyota Production System Taiichi Ohno – Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production Rating: recommended If you want to understand several basic principles of Scrum and other agile approaches then take a deeper look at Taiichi Ohno’s […]

  • Book: Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating and Planning

    Everyone getting agile has to read this book!   Author: Mike Cohn Title: Agile Estimating and Planning   Rating: highly recommended!   This book is just a must have and a must read! Mike Cohn describes all important aspects and concepts of estimating and planning in an agile approach. Lots of real-world examples show how […]

  • Book: Mike Cohn – User Stories Applied

    Everyone getting agile has to read this book!   Author: Mike Cohn Title: User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development   Rating: highly recommended!   During any approach to implement agile procedures in an organisation there is a need to explain how management and engineering of requirements should work. Coming from traditional waterfall projects most […]

  • Book: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen – Agile Retrospectives

    Everyone working with teams has to read this book!   Authors: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen Title: Agile Retrospectives – Making Good Teams Great   Rating: highly recommended!   Esther Derby and Diana Larsen describe 38 activities for all stages of a retrospective meeting. These activities provide ways to improve the team work and to […]

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