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Schlagwort: Konferenz

Agile 2011 Attended Sessions

At this year’s Agile 2011 conference in Salt Lake City I attended following sessions. Workshop: Fear-Driven Impediments by Ralph Miarka and Marc Bless Workshop: Introduction to Behavior Driven Development by Liz Keogh and Katherine Kirk Special Event: The Agile Manifesto 10th Anniversary Reunion: The Big Park Bench with 15 of the 17 original authors of the agile manifesto Keynote: Why Care about Positive Emotions? by Barbara Fredrickson Talk: Exploring Enterprise Agile Transformation Strategies by Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens Workshop: Release your team’s intelligent energy through five powerful conversations by Declan Whelan and Bryan Beecham Tutorial: Scaling Software Agility:… Read more Agile 2011 Attended Sessions

Preparing for Agile 2011

Only 32 hours from now and I will take my plane from Frankfurt to Salt Lake City. Agile 2011 is arriving and I’m really looking forward to it. There will be two sessions co-hosted by myself. On Monday morning together with Ralph Miarka I’m going to host a three-hours workshop on Fear-Driven Impediments. Join us to learn and discuss how to recognize fear and how to deal with it in individual, team, and organizational contexts. The second session will also be a highly interactive gaming session. We’re going to play the Last Responsible Moments Game created by Olaf… Read more Preparing for Agile 2011