Schlagwort: Persönliches Task-Board

  • Personal Taskboard: Evolution to Mobile

    The major disadvantage of a wall-based personal taskboard is its pure static character. You can’t take it with you for travelling or for working on it at home. Here’s the solution: the mobile personal taskboard. Side note: this version of the personal taskboard is not used by myself but I like the idea a lot. […]

  • Personal Taskboard: Evolution to Priorities

    Just a small update on my personal task board: as the open tasks got more and more it was hard to filter and select the next task to pull into WIP (work in progress). Solution: tasks are now sorted by urgency from left to right and by importance from bottom to top. The most upper […]

  • Personal Taskboard: Evolution to Kanban

    A few weeks ago I setup a personal taskboard at the wall next to my desk. It had three lanes like a Scrum task board: „open“, „in progress“, and „done“. After one day there were lots of things in progress and two tasks were done already: The major problem was the number of tasks in progress. There […]