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Schlagwort: Scrum

Generalize Your Specialized Generalists

The software developers in a well-known Scrum team have undergone a transition from generalists to specialists in former times. They have been responsible for no specific parts of the software system. Every developer was assigned to the next high priority tasks regardless of knowledge and experience. Combined with classical waterfall project management, solo programming, missing code reviews, and missing unit testing, the resulting quality of the system was extremely low. There was a vast lack of knowledge of the old legacy code the team was working with. To compensate that knowledge… Read more Generalize Your Specialized Generalists

Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change

Situation   Many organizations do not dare to change themselves although everyone knows that things do not work well. Usually real working employees have a good feeling that things are going wrong. Unfortunately they do not have the power to trigger change but expect middle management to do so. Usually top management expects everyone to do the best job and will ask questions to middle management if things go wrong. Therefor middle management is sandwiched with expectations – this is a hard job to handle and needs explicit skills.   People… Read more Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change

Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum

My current scrum team is distributed in three locations: Location A: developers only Location B: testers and the product owner Location C: testers, developers, and the scrum master In this situation we have to deal with some lack of communication. Location A is in a different time zone, 5 hours away, which makes communication even more complicated. We can’t use a simple task board everyone can easily work with on a daily basis. Electronic documents are used to substitute most sprint artifacts.   How do we succeed with all those… Read more Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum