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Schlagwort: Veränderung

Book: Fearless Change

If you need to get some activities to drive change, read this book. Authors: Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising Title: Fearless Change Rating: recommended You work as a change agent? You have a new idea for your organization and want to change processes and interactions? This book may be helpful as it presents 48 patterns for introducing new ideas. The first part of the book describes a general approach with many examples how to apply all the different patterns. The second part contains detailed descriptions of the patterns with many cross-references between… Read more Book: Fearless Change

Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change

Situation   Many organizations do not dare to change themselves although everyone knows that things do not work well. Usually real working employees have a good feeling that things are going wrong. Unfortunately they do not have the power to trigger change but expect middle management to do so. Usually top management expects everyone to do the best job and will ask questions to middle management if things go wrong. Therefor middle management is sandwiched with expectations – this is a hard job to handle and needs explicit skills.   People… Read more Guerilla Scrum: How to force organisational change