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Schlagwort: Verteilte Teams

Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum

My current scrum team is distributed in three locations: Location A: developers only Location B: testers and the product owner Location C: testers, developers, and the scrum master In this situation we have to deal with some lack of communication. Location A is in a different time zone, 5 hours away, which makes communication even more complicated. We can’t use a simple task board everyone can easily work with on a daily basis. Electronic documents are used to substitute most sprint artifacts.   How do we succeed with all those… Read more Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum

Daily Video Scrum

Implementing agile methods like Scrum relies on broad communication. With a distributed team there’s a need for much more heavy communication. Unfortunately the distributedness of a team complicates easy communication. In most cases the common ways to send and receive information is one-to-one/many by email: the most anonymous distributed communication from one person to a group of people. Advantage: ability to spread complete and detailed information. Disadvantage: uncertainty of the message being read and understood. one-to-one by phone: the most direct distributed communication between two persons. Advantage: direct feedback is… Read more Daily Video Scrum