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Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum

My current scrum team is distributed in three locations: Location A: developers only Location B: testers and the product owner Location C: testers, developers, and the scrum master In this situation we have to deal with some lack of communication. Location A is in a different time zone, 5 hours away, which makes communication even more complicated. We can’t use a simple task board everyone can easily work with on a daily basis. Electronic documents are used to substitute most sprint artifacts.   How do we succeed with all those… Read more Sprint Meetings in Distributed Scrum

Plan-Driven Testing fails with Agile Developers

There were two situations today in the office that opened my eyes. I finally understand why it is so hard to form a team of plan-driven testers and agile developers.   Our daily scrum meeting went fine today. Our iteration progress is back in parallel with the ideal burndown after a 2 days upward drift.   After the meeting a tester came to me and said, „it’s really annoying to notice in the daily scrum that some stories are ready for testing. Why don’t the developers write me an email?“ SM:… Read more Plan-Driven Testing fails with Agile Developers

Book: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen – Agile Retrospectives

Everyone working with teams has to read this book!   Authors: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen Title: Agile Retrospectives – Making Good Teams Great   Rating: highly recommended!   Esther Derby and Diana Larsen describe 38 activities for all stages of a retrospective meeting. These activities provide ways to improve the team work and to get better results of the retrospective. There are no rules when to choose which activity but you get a nice set of activities to select from. Goal: avoid boring routine by varying activities.   Retrospectives… Read more Book: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen – Agile Retrospectives

Daily Tracking

A big advantage of the perfect world of strong, deterministic, complete, overwhelming and unchangable project scopes is that you can track your progress on a micro percent basis, two post commas included. All glory to the waters falling from beginning to end! Suddenly everything is different in the real world where we live such wondrous things like Scrum. I was asked by a senior project reviewer how I do track the progress of my projects. He was wondering about missing work breakdown structures with assigned resources and working hour efforts… Read more Daily Tracking