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Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure

As Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches we have the daily challenge to reflect our own behavior and to identify what we should do differently. The Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure gives guidance to self-reflection and identification of goals, possibilities and actionable next steps. Based on the structure used in solution-focused coaching, we begin with a concrete observation in the team and our own coaching. At first, we formulate this observation in a completely neutral and value-free way. It helps to find what we would like to see in the future, or… Read more Solution-Focused Team Coaching Structure

Lösungsfokussierte Team-Coaching-Struktur

Als Scrum Master und Agile Coaches stehen wir täglich vor der Herausforderung, unser Coaching zu reflektieren und herauszufinden, was wir anders machen sollten. Die Lösungsfokussierte Team-Coaching-Struktur hilft bei der Selbst-Reflexion und der Identifikation von Zielen, Möglichkeiten und konkreten Schritten. Ausgehend von der Struktur, wie sie im lösungsfokussierten Coaching (Solution-Focused Coaching) zur Anwendung kommt, beginnen wir dabei mit einer konkreten Beobachtung im Team und unseres eigenen Coachings. Diese Beobachtung stellen wir zunächst ganz neutral und wertfrei fest. Sie dient uns dazu, die Frage zu beantworten, was von dieser Beobachtung wir in… Read more Lösungsfokussierte Team-Coaching-Struktur

Book: Lyssa Adkins – Coaching Agile Teams

The definitive must-read for every Scrum Master, agile manager, and agile coach! Author: Lyssa Adkins Title: Coaching Agile Teams Rating: highest recommendation! This is one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read in my agile life. More than 300 pages full of practical advice with many examples make this book a perfect reference on the desk of every Scrum Master, agile manager, and agile coach. Lyssa has a very nice and easy to read style of writing and yet offers so many insights. Following topics are covered in her book:… Read more Book: Lyssa Adkins – Coaching Agile Teams

Let the Team play Product Owner

Today I made a nice but rare experience: team A could play Product Owner for team B. Team A is settled since several iterations and is working on a new product. Team B is only a few days old and is going to build an internal, technical product to emulate the behavior of depending external hardware. As the developers and testers of team A are going to be the real users of team B’s product it was obvious to do a short user story workshop with them. So I gathered… Read more Let the Team play Product Owner