Book: Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating and Planning

Everyone getting agile has to read this book!


Author: Mike Cohn

Title: Agile Estimating and Planning


Rating: highly recommended!


This book is just a must have and a must read! Mike Cohn describes all important aspects and concepts of estimating and planning in an agile approach. Lots of real-world examples show how to apply these concepts.


Note that this book is NOT about traditional estimating and planning for agile projects. It is about *agile estimating and planning* and this is what agile projects need to succeed.


You probably read several Scrum books and know the basics about story points, planning poker, story priorities, sprint planning, burndown charts, and velocity. If you really want to get in-depth details on all these and related topics you have to read this book! It is worth every single word – and Mike knows that “every word counts”.


If you already are running agile practices then read this book and inspect your methods. You will find so many things to improve and adapt.


Enough said. Buy it, read it, and keep it on your table for reference!


PS: I’m looking forward to read Mike’s new book “Succeeding with Agile”. It will be on Amazon’s stock on Monday.


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