Book: Fearless Change

If you need to get some activities to drive change, read this book.

Authors: Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising
Title: Fearless Change

Rating: recommended

You work as a change agent? You have a new idea for your organization and want to change processes and interactions? This book may be helpful as it presents 48 patterns for introducing new ideas.

The first part of the book describes a general approach with many examples how to apply all the different patterns. The second part contains detailed descriptions of the patterns with many cross-references between them.

Although the majority of the patterns should be well known to change agents, there might be many insights how to initiate and maintain changes inside an organization. In my point of view there are no brand-new approaches presented in the book. The highest value this book provides is giving an elaborated pattern language so people involved in change are able to talk about the same things with the same wording.

This review may sound as the book would not be worth its pages. Don’t get me wrong. It contains a very nice reference and map of change patterns to look up. I’m going to take a look at a random pattern from time to time just to get a reminder and maybe new insights.

Read it so we can talk about it!

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